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"Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?"

Best-selling children's book to promote delightful Sabbaths.

Available at ABC's in Australia, England, Canada and USA or order below.

Do your children count down the hours and minutes until the Sabbath ends?

Or is the Sabbath a delight for your children?

Do they eagerly anticipate its' arrival?

"Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" is a multifaceted children's book, workbook, and keepsake book for you to help your child find delight in the Sabbath. Read it aloud together and enjoy the illustrations and rhyming text!

By completing the activities at the end of the book, you will discover how your child feels about the Sabbath. You may even enhance your ideas about activities and a routine that will help your child find delight in the Sabbath day!

When completed, Mommy Is Today Sabbath becomes a keepsake book preserving your child's thoughts and pictures for years to come!

"Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" is available online at:

"Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" is available at bookstores

in the United States, England, Canada & Australia

It's also available at,,

In FOUR ethnic editions and one bilingual Spanish/English edition

Asian Edition

African-American Edition

Hispanic Edition

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