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News and Events

1. Fundraiser - earn $500 minimum by sharing "Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?"

2. Author Jacqueline Galloway-Blake spoke at Magazine SDA Church, Lousiville, KY for Children's Day and conducted two workshops and a book-signing in the afternoon - May 2017

3. Author Jacqueline Galloway-Blake was interviewed on LifeTalk radio - LifeQuest.

4. Book-signing at Wisconsin Conference Campmeeting

5. Book-signing at Allegheny East Conference Campmeeting

6. Book-signing at General Conference 2015 - San Antonio, Texas

7. "Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" was featured on television - 3ABN Kid's Time

Click link below and then move to 20:13

8. Workshop available - "How To Make Sabbath Delightful for Children"

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a. Workshop(s) - other topics available

b. Fundraiser

c. Sermon

d. Book-signing


"Thank you to everyone - especially parents and children who supported "Mommy, Is Today Sabbath?" and participated in the T-shirt giveaway, Meet the Author, and other activities at

General Conference Session 2015! 

It was a delight to meet each of you!

Thank you so much!"

-author, Jacqueline Galloway-Blake

Winners of the Mommy Is Today Sabbath T-shirt at GC Session 2015!



Online winner - Lillian from Brazil

On-site winner - Kevin from Alabama


Online winner - Amy from Alabama

On-site winner - Jordan from Brooklyn, NY


On-site winner - Rhainey from Arizona

On-site winner - Jordan from California


On-site winner - Omara from Arizona

On-site winner - Jeremia from Tanzania,, Africa


Online winner: Myles from Illinois

On-site winner - Xerxes from Texas


Everyone was a winner!

All children received a t-shirt and gift items for their "Sabbath Box" at home.


Carol Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, Texas

"Mommy, Is Today Sabbath? captures the essence of young children's inquisitiveness. The engaging narrative, written in verse, records a skillfully crafted dialogue between mother and son in anticipation of the Sabbath. Content is scripture-based. Multicultural illustrations enhance and extend the meaning of the text. Parents and children are encouraged to interact with the story in the final pages, by generating illustrations and responding to questions. Preschoolers as well as primary-age children will enjoy the format of this picture book, used either as a read-aloud or read independently."

Elizabeth Darby Watson, Ph.D., M.S.W.

"The author, understanding a child's mind, has designed a book that guides healthy parent-child interaction through a week with anticipated conversation and regular routine. Children like the expected, they want to know what's going to happen. Children like the concrete--it's got to make sense. Children like repetition--hearing the same predictable story over and over. Children like different voices--creatively imitating both adult and children's sounds and cadences. And children like to repeat and memorize--being proud that they can `read' (even before they actually can) what is familiar. Knowing this, Jacqueline Galloway-Blake captivatingly utilizes all these modalities to engage adults and children as they prepare for the best day of the week, the Sabbath. I encourage you to read and enjoy this wonderfully illustrated little book."

K.C. Harris, Al Manama, Bahrain

"I highly recommend this book for any parent with a young child who observes Shabbat. It is a warm and pleasant book that answers the questions many young children have about Shabbat. What makes it different? Why should I care? This is a book that provides a fun way to talk to your children about Shabbat and, see what we as parents may be able to do to make it something to look forward to and not just a weekly task for the children I highly recommend this book. There are wonderful activities in the back of the book you can do with your child and an area to place a picture so that you can make the book a keepsake to look back to from time to time. You won't be disappointed."

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