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"How to Make the Sabbath Delightful for Children"

Author and Educational Consultant, Jacqueline Galloway-Blake presents an informative Powerpoint seminar coupling the developmental stages of children with age-appropriate Sabbath activities. Parents and participants will learn the stages of child development from birth to age eight and how to make Sabbath more engaging and meaningful for them. 


Book Signing, Conferences, & Public Speaking

As an educational consultant for over twenty years, Jacqueline Galloway-Blake has presented teacher in-service and parent enrichment workshops in public, private and Adventist schools and conventions internationally, including: U.S. Virgin Islands, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, and Michigan.

She has conducted book-signings at campmeetings in Wisconsin Conference and Allegheny East Conference, and workshops at NAD Teacher’s Convention, and Children’s Ministries Conferences at Oakwood University, Ohio and more. 

As an experienced educator, church and public school teacher, author, and national workshop presenter, Jacqueline Galloway-Blake brings a wealth of knowledge to share and encourage parents and educators of our precious children.

Over ten (10) workshops available include:

"Ages & Stages - How Children Grow & Develop"

"Creative Storytelling Using Children's Literature"

"Helping Children Cope with Bullying"

"How to Make Sabbath Delightful for Children"

"Faith Development and the Life Stages"

To contact author - Call (734) 716-0213

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